HANK - 2006 Gelding

A 15-2  year old gelding that has been working in the feedlot for a while. He is going to be sold on the thin side, but he will fill out to about 1350# horse. Hank is there to meet you at the gate and is wanting to go work. He is a gentle giant and I think you will love him Selling November 20th, 2019 at the McCook Expo Horse sale.


Shilo is  2017 mare sired by COOL COLA and a mare we called Sassy that goes back to SUNNY DEE BAR. We sold many foals out of Sassy. Shilo has been started and Iam whom is riding her likes her a lot. 


A 14-3 five-year-old mare that is out of one our best producing mares. We got her along with Cool Cola from the Wes Sheffield herd. Her dam produced 12 top selling progenies for us. Serina is being trained by Marty Leggot at this time. Marty says he has not had time to get her ready for the sale, so replacing her with Zoie.


We purchased COOL COLA when he was a two year old from Lorrie Sheffield, Farnam, NE along with several of her mares. Cola has sired 58 registered progeny for us and he has made some really fine horses. We think he improves on most any mare in disposition, speed and power. He puts a really big hind quarter in his progeny. The progeny are easy to start and walk out fast. His dam HOMESPUN BUNNY died this year but was one beautiful girl, thick made and a pretty face. She was formally a rope horse bred by Janel Finney, Seneca, NE. Pictured here at 15 years old. Last season he hurt is right knee so we put him in a small pasture with 3 mares this summer.


This is the dam of COLAS TIGER BABE, that has the PG GUNPOWER filly her on her side. Katie as we call her is 14 years of age in this picture. Filly is 1 day old.

Horses For Sale


 King is a 2 year old potential herd sire for us. His is well muscled, with big bone and a great disposition. He is started under saddle and is very smart and easy to train. We may use him to replace is sire as he has a knee injury. His dam is a Quitmeyer bred mare MISS NIFTY TIGER, that traces back twice to TIGER LEO. 


Electra is a 3 year old mare that is just started under saddle. She comes from a really good mare we had for years. She stands about 14-3 and is thick made. She is smart and easy to train. We sold her full brother at the Classic for $5,100 this spring.

2015 Gelding - COLAS SKIPS SEB
A 15-3 four-year-old gelding that is out of one of our best Sheffield mares. 
Twister has been used mostly in the feedlot and is a really good cow horse. He is a fast walker and has a  smooth long stride. He is one of my favorite mounts. Selling November 20th, 2019 at the McCook Expo. (This is his 2yr old pic)

We purchased this stud to help out Cola this summer because of his bad knee. He has been used around this area by several breeders in the area. His foals are known to be correct and gentle. We have two on the ground and they are nice and look good. Pictured here at 15 years of age.


Joe is a bay roan that is a 2017 colt. He goes back 3 times to TWO EYED BARTENDER and on the female side he goes back to WATCH JOE JACK. He is just started under saddle with about 8 rides on him this middle of November. He is making progress and soon he will go for a turn in the feedlot.